The Pioneer Ground Transportation Alliance: Land Transport Asia

Established in 2007, Land Transport Asia has not only established itself as the elite limousine network in Singapore; it also boasts a high number of vehicles, daily routes and events covered in the city. The group prides itself in giving the customer the one of the most convenient and smoothest travel experience currently offered on the market.

  • Large selection of vehicles available: Cars to satisfy every customer
  • Professional and courteous chauffeurs: Each chauffeur is trained to be courteous and performance is monitored closely to improve excellence.
  • Flexible and convenient routes: All routes made by our clients can be tailored made to fit your travel needs; large or small, each client is important to us.

Getting the Most Out of Our Elite Services

Land Transport Asia allows all our customers to feel the comfort and convenience of consolidating your transportation arrangements with one company. We provide our customers with fast reliable service along with a customer service crew which is available 24 hours a day. Reservation services are also available to our potential customer where a representative will be available for your needs.

  • Friendly and reliable booking staff: 24/7 reservation hotline, to help you with your travel needs.
  • Two Methods of Booking: Customers may call our hotline +65 6535 3534 or email us here.

The group ensures its customer service is consistent, reliable and courteous to everyone of its clients; with all the convenience and flexibility of our services book now with Land Transport Asia?