Advice for travellers concerning H1N1

Sep 19 2013 Xylex News No Comments

As influenza A(H1N1) cases continue to rise all over the world, the risk of travellers contracting the disease is growing as well. Being familiar with the necessary precautions to take will help, but it’s also good to know what to do should you fall victim to the bug dispite all your efforts to avoid it.

Before the Trip
Before purchasing a travel insurance policy with medical coverage, check carefully what benefits the pacjage does or does not cover during your trip.

Find out more about the medical facilities available at your destination, especially if you are travelling to a more remote area of a deveoping country where medical help will be difficult to find.

As the situation is evolving from day to day, you need to keep yourself updated on the latest developments of the pandemic through newspapers and other reliable media sources, or official web channels such as:

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