Tour the Singapore City in our stylish range of limousine transport choices with our sedans. The prime Toyota Camry sedan, the sheer glamour of the E-Class and the grace S-Class – it’s easy to make a good choice, but with so many to select from, it’s virtually impossible to decide upon which one.

Discover the grace and power of Land Transport Sedans.

The minivan is a first in class with its safety features include standard front air bags and electronic stability control. The minivan offers superior passenger and driver comfort, high safety standards and significant fuel-economy improvements and innovation to the limousine business. It can accommodate up to seven passengers — and does so with car-like performance and plenty of interior space.

Limousine minibuses bring the bus-of-choice to where our customers are. The efficient engine makes it seem like they’re never at a gas station and the spaces are easy to customize. The 13-seater minibus features a second-row seats swivel which allow guests to face the rear seats. With the ability to fit up to 13 or 19 adult passengers, the Minibus and Mini Coach is one of the largest mode of transport in its class, ensuring a comfortable journey for you and your guests’ transportation needs in Singapore.

Have patient and competent chauffeur service pick you up to and fro your home or hotel to the airport. Our limousine chauffeur-drive is available to all customers and provided with specially-commissioned vehicles for our Business Class customers.